How To Replace Your Sunroom Windows Weatherstripping

The efficiency of your sunroom windows is bound to change over the years. Sunrooms are particularly vulnerable if your window sashes are leaking air. Of course, a lot of things can fade, wear down and break, significantly effecting the efficiency of your windows. One of the most common problems is that the felt weatherstripping along the bottom edge of a movable window wears down over the years. As a result, even when the window is closed and locked, it does not create an airtight seal. Read More 

Five Ways To Use Plantation Shutters In Your Home

Plantation shutters evoke the days of the colonial sugar and coffee plantations that dotted tropical islands around the globe. Designed to keep the hot rays of the sun away from the plantation house's living spaces while still allowing air to circulate in that era before air conditioning, plantation shutters are tall, wooden shutters with louvers that can be easily opened and closed. Although the roots of these shutters are firmly planted in a past era, there are still a number of fun ways to use plantation shutters to enhance the beauty of your home. Read More 

Add Privacy To Your Office Building By Adding Opaque Film To Windowpanes

Opaque window film will provide your office building with privacy and will still allow sunlight to filter through. Learn how to apply window film to the windows inside of your establishment by completing the following steps. Once the film has been added, clean it properly in the future so that it lasts for several years.  Materials Needed window cleaner lint-free cloths measuring tape opaque window film plastic sheeting rubber gloves mild dish detergent water spray bottle squeegee plastic scraper Clean And Measure The Windowpanes Read More 

Little One Make A Mess Of Your Windows?

When you have kids, they can make a mess on just about every surface in your house, including your windows. Unfortunately, windows aren't the easiest surfaces to clean in your home. If your kids have made a mess of your windows using one of the following methods, here is how you can get your windows looking crystal clear again. Stickers Kids love to play with stickers. However, they don't always place them in the best locations. Read More 

Four Suggestions On How You Can Boost Sliding Glass Door Security

Homeowners should be aware of the fact that a sliding glass door can create a huge security liability without some precautions. Burglars may target homes with sliding glass doors because this type of door can often easily be kicked in or lifted up out of the way. If you're looking for ways to make the sliding glass door on your home more secure, consider the following four security tips Get a glassbreak sensor/detector Read More