Signs That You Need New Windows

One major home upgrade you'll need to do at some point is to install new windows. Old windows can cause a variety of problems within your home, and window replacement is the best way to fix it. Here are some tips to learn if it's time to get new windows installed.

The Windows Don't Stay In An Open Position

Windows that are still in good shape are able to maintain their open position at all times. Be concerned if your window will slide down all on its own once it has been opened. This is an indication that the windows are not forming a tight seal, which could be causing your furnace to work harder to cool or heat your home.

The Windows Are Covered With Plastic Each Winter

Is the insulation of your windows so poor that you are putting plastic over them every winter? While this is a great way to better insulate your home by putting an additional barrier between the glass and the inside of your home, it is not something you should have to do every single winter. An upgrade to windows that have two panes of glass can go a long way in making your home more energy efficient.

The Windows Require Extensive Maintenance

If you inherited wood windows from when you bought your home, you may be busy with trying to maintain them. For example, wood windows require painting, which will involve sanding and applying a new coat. This is a very time-consuming process which is not involved with other window material out there. Consider switching to vinyl windows that require virtually no maintenance over the years other than cleaning them.

The Windows Allow Noise In

Living on in a busy area can cause a lot of noise to get into your home, especially if you have old windows that do not provide much soundproofing. This is a good reason to upgrade to brand new windows that can help deal with the noise a lot better. In general, more panes of glass are going to result in better soundproofing.

The Windows Have Condensation

Do your windows have condensation on the inside each winter? This is something that is not normal, and a sign that you need to replace the windows. That condensation is not only a sign of poor insulation but will ruin the inside of your windows. Use this as a good excuse to get those old windows replaced.

For more information on new window installations, contact your local window experts.