What Are Hurricane Doors And Why Fit Glazed Ones To Your Business Premises?

Hurricane doors, also known as impact doors, are specially designed and constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as those experienced during a hurricane. Typically reinforced with sturdy materials and features like steel frames, heavy-duty hardware, and multi-point locking systems, a hurricane door installation can play a crucial role in protecting business properties in areas susceptible to high winds. Fitting glazed hurricane doors, those with impact-resistant glass, to your business premises provides multiple advantages beyond mere weather resistance. Read on to find out why fitting glazed hurricane sliding doors could be of benefit to your enterprise.

Customer and Employee Protection

To begin with, the protection afforded by glazed hurricane doors is their chief design purpose and, therefore, their primary benefit. The impact-resistant glass used in these doors is constructed in a way that means not only can it can resist high winds but the impacts they may suffer as a result of flying debris, as well. Given both are common occurrences during a hurricane, the fact that the glass used in hurricane sliding doors is typically made by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl or ethylene-vinyl acetate between two panes should give business owners peace of mind. Note that even if the glass of the doors were to be shattered, the inner layer will hold the pieces together. In turn, this prevents the glazing in the doors from becoming dangerous projectiles.

Enhanced Business Security

Secondly, glazed hurricane doors provide enhanced security when installed at business premises. Why? Because the same construction method that makes them ideal when powerful winds are blowing also makes them highly resistant to attempted forced entry. The strong, shatter-resistant panes, not to mention their robust frames, are hard to break or prise apart from one another. As such, fitting these doors will offer an extra layer of security against break-ins or mindless vandalism.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Bear in mind that the glazing used in these doors should offer excellent insulating properties. This will help business managers to maintain a consistent indoor temperature while also lessening the load on heating and cooling systems. As a result, you can expect significant savings on your energy costs over time, something that can enhance your business's sustainability efforts as well as its bottom line.

Visual Appeal

Finally, glazed hurricane-resistant sliding doors will not compromise the aesthetics of your commercial premises despite their notable functionality. These doors are available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and custom options, something that retailers and entertainment venue owners should take note of. In short, you can have them made in a design that complements your brand image and the architectural style of the building from which your business operates. 

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