Want To Tint The Windows In Your Home? 2 Types Of Window Tint To Choose From

If you have decided to apply tint to your home's windows, this offers many benefits. When it comes to tint, there are different types available. Below are two of these types so you will choose the right tint for your needs. 

Solar Window Tint

One popular type of window tint is solar window tint. This is the best option for you if you have south-facing windows and get a lot of sun. Solar window tint blocks the harmful UV rays that shine through windows. If you sit near windows on a regular basis, you could get skin cancer over time. Because these windows block sunlight, your home will stay cooler. This can help keep temperatures regulated inside your home. Your HVAC unit will not run as often, which can save you money on your electric bill. Because your HVAC unit will not run as much, it will last longer. 

Solar window tints do have different options in how much sun they block. This is because if you choose solar window tints that block 100% of the sun, no light will get through the window. Choose a percentage that offers good protection but allows enough light to get through the window. The contractor that you purchase your tint from can tell you what this percentage is.

Security and Safety Window Tint

If you are worried about crime in your area, there is a special type of window tint that can provide you with security and safety. This is because these films are much thicker. This makes it more difficult for an intruder to cut through the film. Because it will take them extra time, they may choose to leave your home. Because the film is thicker, intruders cannot see through the windows.

Security and safety window tints also hold together if there are storms. Because of this, this is a good choice if you live in an area that gets a lot of high winds and heavy rains. With standard windows, if enough wind hits the window the window will shatter causing small shards of glass to fly through the home. If you have security and safety window tint, the glass breaks but it holds together. As with solar window tint, you have the option to choose from different tints. 

There are many more window tints available for you, such as decorative tint, tint that controls glare, and ceramic window tint. The contractor you hire can give you much more information about home window tints.