New Window Installation: Answers To Your Big Questions

You've picked out your new windows and now you are just waiting for installation. Chances are you have a few questions about the process that need to be answered.

How Long Does Installation Take?

There is no hard and fast rule for determining installation time. Installation time is impacted by the number of windows, ease of accessibility, and whether the existing framing must be altered to fit the new replacement windows. Your installer will visit your home and provide an estimate prior to your installation appointment so that you can plan accordingly.

Does Someone Need to Be Home for Installation?

It's generally advised to have someone present throughout installation, both to let the installers onto the property and to be available in the event of any questions or concerns. You can choose to have your contractor or another authorized representative present if you are unable to be there during the actual installation. Simply make sure the install team is aware of whom they will be reporting to. 

Is Accessibility an Issue?

Your installers must be able to access the window from both inside your home and from outside. Trim back landscaping and remove any furnishings or other items that may be in the way. Curtains and drapery must also be removed, along with any rods or shades that are screwed into the window frame or that will otherwise interfere with installation. 

Will Installation Cause Any Damage?

Damage should not be a concern, as the installers are professionals and will take appropriate steps to protect your home. This includes using drop cloths to protect carpet and furniture, laying tarps over sensitive exterior landscaping, and taking the utmost care when removing the old windows and putting in the new ones. Be aware that even with appropriate precautions, small scratches and dings can occur as the replacement windows are put in place. It's a good idea to have matching paint on hand in case touchups to the wall are necessary around the new window frames. 

What Happens to the Old Windows?

Your old windows should be disposed of by your installers. Although this is standard procedure, you should check your contract to verify that this is covered. If you prefer to keep any of the old windows for other purposes, please let the installation crew know ahead of time. They will set these windows aside in a location you specify for the purpose. 

Contact a window installation service if you have further questions about the process.