Are You Decorating Your Family Room?

Are you decorating a family room in your brand new house? Or, it might be that you've decided that your existing family room needs some changes. Either way, you must be excited about decorating the room that is probably used more than any other room in your house. 

Have you already been working on a decorating plan? If that's the case, you might even already be shopping. However, if you are still in the planning stages, from selecting your window treatments to giving your furniture added pizzaz, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Window Treatment — Have you noticed that window treatments often become the focal part of a room? On one hand, they add interest to the room. On the other hand, they can complement the rest of your decor. 

Consider having wooden plantation shutters for your family room window. Wooden shutters might cost a bit more than fabric curtains, but they are probably a lot more affordable than you might have considered. The bonus is that the shutters will last for many years. In addition, they'll be super easy to maintain. Just dust them when you dust the rest of the wooden furniture. When they need extra attention, clean them with a damp cloth that has a gentle cleanser on it. Choose one that doesn't need to be rinsed off.

Maybe you'd rather have fabric curtains as your window treatment. If so, consider the look you want. For example, if you want something super casual, think of having red or blue denim for the fabric. If you want something a bit more elegant, go with a pretty floral pattern or a striking striped pattern. Chose fabric that can be washed and dried at home. That will save you some big money by not having to dry clean the curtains professionally.

For more information on window treatments, contact companies like New Vista Window Fashions.

Give The Furniture Added Pizzaz — If you're buying brand new furniture, that will for sure add pizzaz to your family room. On the other hand, maybe you like your existing furniture already and just want to give it a new look. 

If the furniture needs to be reupholstered, go for it. However, if the upholstery fabric is still in good shape, there are other ways you can ad interest to the furniture. For example, have you thought of changing up the throw pillows? Or, select a pretty shawl or an attractive throw to place on the back or on the arm of a sofa or chair. Another fun idea is to place a big teddy bear on one of the chairs in your family room.