A Look At The Different Types Of Vertical Blind Material & The Advantages Of Each

When you are on the search for a window covering for your patio doors, there are few options that fit as well as vertical blinds. These blinds have long been the go-to choice for patio doors to give people more privacy as needed. Check out some of the different types of vertical blinds and the benefits of each so you know what would be best for your home. 


Fabric vertical blinds are one of the most traditional types, and most are not just made from fabric alone. The majority of vertical blinds you find that look to be made from fabric will have inserts in each blind slat made out of lightweight plastic. Fabric vertical blinds offer an inexpensive option, but they can be difficult to keep clean and usually do not stand up as well as wood or metal. 


Vertical blinds made out of wood are considered a little more high-end or luxury in their design, and they are a bit more expensive than the lower-grade material models. You can find wooden vertical blinds made out of different types of wood, such as oak or lightweight teak, but most wooden blinds you find will be made out of wood composite materials so they can  boast absolute resiliency to the elements. 


Vinyl is the most common type of vertical blind on the market because it is the least expensive and one of the more resilient types. Vinyl vertical blinds are pretty easy to keep clean because they can simply be wiped down with a dampened cloth. If one of the slats gets damaged, they are simple to replace as well. For homeowners who need an inexpensive option, vinyl vertical blinds tend to fit even small budgets well. 


Bamboo is one of the more modern materials used to create vertical blinds, but it is easily one of the most preferred. The bamboo blinds are more expensive, but the blinds are lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to take care of when compared to something like regular wood or even metal. 


Metal vertical blinds are a pretty common choice for high-traffic areas because the metal is so resilient. Even though metal is a little heavier, it does mean that the vertical blind slats are less likely to bundle together and get stuck. The only downfall to some metal vertical blinds is the material can rust if not properly cared for and cleaned.