Birds Flying Into Glass Around Your Home ~ Here’s What You Can Do To Ethically Shoo Them Away

If birds are routinely flying into your windows or glass doors, you have a situation that could become dangerous quickly. This is because birds that fly into glass may cause damages. Although it may feel like "attack of the angry birds," the birds crashing into your property are likely not angry. The following are some proactive measures you can take to protect your home and family.

Change Cleaning Routine

Cleaning your windows and glass to the point that the glass is extremely transparent may result in birds flying into the glass. This is because the birds may be confused or disoriented about the glass being there. The glass may appear to be a wide open space to them.

Install Awnings

Consider adding these to your home. They are effective at providing shade during the summer months, and they also serve as a reflective barrier. This will aid in ensuring that birds do not fly into your glass as a result of being blinded by the reflection of the sun on glass. 

Relocate Temptations

Take a quick look around your property. If birds are only making contact with one particular area, determine what is in that area that could be tempting them and causing them to fly into the glass. For example, if you have bird feeders closely installed to your home, the birds may be making contact with glass in a hurried attempt to get food. It is also possible that if you have outside plants in the area, birds are attracted to that area because they view the plants as a means of shelter. Consider placing your bird feeder and plants further away from your property. 

Add Protective Barriers

Window screens are an example of a type of protective barrier you can add to your home to protect windows and glass doors. If a bird were to fly into a window with a screen installed, it will likely not damage the glass, and the bird may not sustain injuries due to the insulating properties of the screen preventing the bird and glass from having contact with each other. Window film is another protective barrier you could use. It aids in making glass more durable against shattering when there is impact involved.

Replace Your Glass

It may be wise to invest in a type of glass that is more difficult to break or less reflective. Tempered glass is one type of glass that falls into this category. You could also consider installing decorative replacement glass such as etched glass to make it easier for birds to detect that glass is present and reduce reflections. A glass repair company like Solar Shield Windows is the best resource to use to come up with additional ways to protect the glass in your home from getting broken by birds in flight.