Why Vinyl Is Perfect For Residential Siding

Adding siding to your home is huge investment. However, when you consider the complete overhaul that it gives your home exterior, it is actually quite cost effective. If you want to make the project as affordable as possible, you should consider installing it on your own. Vinyl siding is sold in kits that are easy to install. This article will teach you how to install vinyl siding on your own. It is a great DIY project because it requires minimal tools and training.

Handling the Physical Aspect

Before you begin installation, be sure you will be able to handle the physical labor of installing vinyl. The packs of vinyl siding are large and difficult to move. You will also be required to carry vinyl siding up a ladder and install it at various heights. This can be very dangerous and it requires great balance and coordination. Since you are doing so much work from the top of a ladder, it is important that you feel comfortable with your physical capabilities before your begin the project.

Installing the Hooks

Vinyl siding is designed to hang on your existing sidewalls. The word "hang" is very appropriate because the actually siding pieces are not secured to the wall. Instead, they are hung from a hook (or anchor) at the top of the wall. The hook is securely attached to the existing sidewall by being drilled into the studs. The hooks need to be level and secure because they will be supporting all of the weight of the siding pieces. If the hooks are not level, the rest of the vinyl will also end up crooked.

The loose hanging of vinyl siding allows the material to remain strong and secure with changes in the atmospheric pressure, humidity and  temperature. The changes can cause the materials to expand and contract. But this is not an issue because the siding is hung instead of fastened to the sidewalls.

To securely install the hooks, you will need a stud finder, level, and a cordless power drill. After the hooks are installed, recheck them with a level. Make any adjustments before you hang the vinyl. Also, make sure you use the right type of screw for your sidewall. For instance, if you are installing on a concrete wall, make sure you use a concrete drill bit and screws.

In the end, vinyl siding installation is very easy, especially if you properly install the hooks.

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