5 Fixes For Leaking Basement Windows

Leaks around your basement windows can indicate an issue with the windows themselves, but it can also be indicative of other problems that are affecting the waterproof membrane your home's exterior is supposed to make. Fortunately, most basement window leaks can be repaired with a bit of professional help. 

1. Window Well Drainage

Basement windows often leak because moisture collects against the window itself, as these windows tend to set right at ground level. Rainwater can pool up and snow will drift against the windows, all increasing the chances of a leak. Your waterproofing service can put in windows wells beneath the basement windows, which will be equipped with drainage so that water and snow don't collect right against the glass.

2. Proper Caulking

Sometimes leaky basement windows are a direct result of failed caulking or insufficient caulking and insulating around the window itself. Each window will need to be checked. If the old caulk is cracking and wearing out, then it must be scraped out and the window will be recaulked. Insulation gaps will also be found during this process, and spray foam insulation will be used around the window frames to fill any gaps.

3. Downspout Diverters

Rain gutters and downspouts are designed to protect your roof, siding, and foundation from rainwater. Often, though, they fail at the foundation because the downspouts empty out too close to the home. Downspouts near basement windows will often result in leaks as the heavy flow of water puts pressure on the window. Investing in a few downspout diverters that force the water to empty out further from the foundation is a good solution.

4. Remedy Grading

Poor grading is another thing that can lead to water pooling up against the foundation and basement windows. The land around your home should be graded so that it slopes away from your foundation. If it slopes toward your home, then a waterproofing service needs to dig and regrade the yard so that water will no longer flow toward the home.

5. Replace Leaking Windows

Finally, not all water leaks can be handled with external repairs. Sometimes basement windows leak because they are old and failing. Invest in new double or triple-pane sealed basement windows. These reduce the chances of a leak when installed properly, plus they had some much-needed insulative qualities to your home.

Contact a waterproofing service if you notice any leaks around your basement windows.

For more information, contact waterproofing contractors like RSCC, LLC.