Three Problem Spots Where You Can Use Plants To Conceal Seams In Vinyl Siding

Since it's so cheap and practical while still looking relatively well on a wide variety of homes, vinyl siding is a very popular material to put on residential walls. However, since vinyl siding panels typically come in lengths too small to cover the entirety of an uninterrupted wall without seams, the responsibility is on you to cover and obscure the seams when they're in particularly conspicuous places. In particular, pay attention to these three common problem spots where plants can be employed to conceal seams in vinyl siding.

Directly Under Windows

It typically isn't very hard to find vinyl siding panels long enough to cover the space between a wall edge and the edge of a window. Additionally, if the window is large enough, there's a good chance that the roof immediately above it either replaces straight walls entirely or curves inward enough that putting in vinyl siding without seams isn't an issue. Even if this isn't the case, the siding above the window is far enough away from an observer on the ground that seams will be relatively hard to see.

Below a window, you can nail down flower pots with lots of flowers in them to both directly obscure some of the seams and take attention away from the seams nearer to the ground. If you want a more drastic solution, you can plant thick and tall bushes below particularly visible windows so that an observer won't be able to see siding when he or she looks at them. 

The Side Wall Of A Garage

As long as your garage isn't especially tall, seams ruining the look of it from the front shouldn't be much of a problem. But especially if the side of your garage has no windows and is clearly visible from a road or sidewalk, it's a good idea to obscure the seams on it through any means necessary.

There are several ways to do this. If there's plenty of open space between the garage's wall and the edge of your property, installing a tree with lots of branches on it is an expensive but entirely reasonable option. Alternatively, if there's little or no space to work with, you can set a thick layer of vines on the wall.

Whatever Point An Incoming Driver Will Naturally Look At

Spend a few minutes driving toward your home from different directions and see what point your eyes naturally settle on. Whether one of these points turns out to be near the front door or your kitchen's main window, consider your concealment options if it's surrounded by vinyl siding seams.

To change the natural focal point of your home from the perspective of an incoming driver, you can hang a small but colorful plant pot in the air below a backyard canopy. If the problem area is at the front of your home near a garden, consider attracting more attention to the garden. Replace the plants in it with ones that can grow larger and last longer through the seasons. For more information about siding, contact a professional like James Hardie, siding contractor.